Cold Stone Therapy: Cold Can Be Therapeutic

Cold Stone Therapy is a form of Cryotherapy that does exactly what you’d expect it to, given the name. It’s basically a therapeutic practice that revolves around the therapist placing cold stones all over your body, with some areas having more than others. While I realize this is probably not your idea of a good time, and it definitely lacks the comfort and relaxation of Hot Stone Therapy. It makes up for what it lacks in other ways. After all, this isn’t something people typically do for the enjoyment of it. Cold Stone Therapy is almost exclusively done for the substantial number of therapeutic benefits that come along with it.

Trying to do Cold Stone Therapy at Home

If you’re thinking about possibly trying this at home, as many people prefer to do, it’s important to remember that not every stone is suitable for use in Cold Stone Therapy. You really need to use stones that are able to resist thermal changes, like Basalt stones. That keeps them from warming up too quickly. That way the stones will stay nice and cold for you. Which is incredibly important, otherwise you’re going to have to continually change them. Trust me, it doesn’t take long for that to get really frustrating.

Cold Stone Massage

Cold Stone Therapy comes in many different forms. One of my personal favorites, and by far the most popular form of it, is Cold Stone Massage. While it’s definitely not as popular as Hot Stone Massage, for all the obvious reasons, it’s highly beneficial nonetheless. Plus, integrating massage into the practice adds a whole new element to Cold Stone Therapy. The massage helps to calm and relax both your mind and body, which isn’t always easy considering you have cold stones laying all over you.

Cold Stone Therapy Benefits

Cold Stone Therapy is a highly beneficial practice. Which should come as no surprise, after all, cold has a dramatic effect on the body. Among other things, it’s been know to help improve your tissue metabolism and immune system, stimulate your nervous system, reduce swelling and inflammation, etc. But, those are just some of the more well-known benefits. They’re also a few unique benefits that you might not expect from Cold Stone Therapy. For example, did you realize Cold Stone Therapy for migraines and headaches is one of its most common uses. In fact, some people who struggle with migraines claim its done wonders for them.

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